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Hey there!

I'm Alex, and I am the crazy mastermind behind Quackers!

I love to create stuff that is both super useful and fun, because life needs to be joyful! I love creating pieces that are a bit different. and are designed to be loved for a long time. In this fast paced fashion world, a lot of the products on offer are generic and devoid of personality, and because they are designed to suit almost everyone they wind up being so impersonal and highly replaceable.

I want to create a more sustainable world, and that starts with having stuff in your life that you love and cherish and want to keep for a long time, and of course something that is quality that actually LASTS!

You wont find the current trend here. I'm not looking for the trend. I'm looking for YOU! My items are limited ranges, because who wants to walk around seeing your bag on everyone's arm? Embrace what makes you YOU! Find your unique pieces here at Quackers!

Where can you buy? We will be set up at markets around Melbourne from 2022, once restrictions around Covid-19 permit. For now, new items will be posted up on our Facebook page! Link in top left corner.

Custom stuff is available too if you can't find what you are looking for - let me create your vision! 

Xx Alex

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